Children learn best through play-based learning. At Harty Street C&K your child will be immersed in quality education and care experiences which are guided by C&K's curriculum approach, the Early Years Learning Framework and Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines. FIND OUT MORE


A C&K educational program will honour every child's right to play, build on their existing learning from home, and provide foundations to be a successful lifelong learner. Your child will experience many opportunities to explore, enquire, solve problems, develop friendships, imagine, use their creativity and extend their capabilities in all curriculum areas including language and literacy, numeracy, science and the arts as well as social and emtional development.



Our educators use intentional teaching strategies to expand on your child's disposition for learning and their understandings in literacy, numeracy, and other areas of development. Educators are open to your child's ideas, and will foster their social and emotional growth and provoke their curiosity. Our experienced educators will build on your child's strengths and interests through their play, to grow their learning and support their development.


Through varied activities, the children develop emotionally and physically, learning sharing and tolerance, to obey rules and to value themselves as individuals. We achieve this by participating in activities and incursions both in and outdoors.



The establishment of regular patterns provides a source of assurance and security.


Periods of rest/relaxation are integral to children's health and wellbeing and encouraged in all C&K services. This requirement is supported by the Education and Care Services National Regulations.


We subscribe to the Queensland Museum for fortnightly loans, and we can organise items that the children are interested in.


Outdoor Play

Develops muscular growth and co-ordination and the opportunity to interact socially at their own level of development. Exposure to natural outdoor environments improves children's cognitive development by improving their awareness, reasoning and observational skills.


Speech and language development is encouraged through stories, rhymes, poems, role play and in other sessions under the guidance of the educators, as well as in the playground where the opportunity for conversation with other children is present.

Music, Movement and Dance

As well as providing an avenue of expression and creativity, these experiences aid in the development of a range of physical and sensory skills. Children learn to develop spatial and directional awareness, develop coordination and listening skills, explore sounds, musical instruments, singing games and action songs.


Art Experiences

This includes painting, collage, clay, dough, drawing, and more. It is another area of creativity and self-expression. Art allows the individual to emerge in a situation in which he/she has complete control and responsibility.


Events are regularly scheduled at Harty Street to share experiences and activities with your child.  Typically, Harty Street will enjoy visits from:

  • Evergreen Children's Theatre Puppet Show
  • Professor Jellybean (science incursion)
  • Multicultural Storytelling
  • Hello Africa Drumming Group
  • Magic show
  • Health Services
  • AVA Pet PEP - Animal safety & responsible pet ownership
  • Local emergency services such as the Police & Fire Brigade (always a hit with our kindergarten friends!)


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